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Visitor management: How did you trust vendors on your premises?


visitor management system

You take great pride in how you manage your building’s access. Your workers are wearing twice as many badges as card access. When salespeople appear, they must sign and be escorted back to such an office. If it comes to enforcing certain rules, your receptionist is indeed a tiger.

Now, who’s just gone past your office? Oh, that is the fire extinguisher person who performs his monthly inspection. Takes him to make his way through the whole building for a few hours. Maybe it’s the plumber, Bobby, who is here to fix the urinal’s faulty valve. Might have been the guy restocking the vending machines— all of you are always amazed how much candy and also how many soft drinks the team will spend in a week.

You ensure the identification of employees or keep a close eye on such occasional visitors. But it seems to me that visitor management system, as well as other service people, are wandering anywhere they want without a second thought to your part. Your receptionist would not let them past her desk without having a signature as well as clipping on even a visitor’s pass, and no one pays any attention once they are in the building.

Is that making you nervous? Isn’t it? You give those people you might not know all of that access to the whole building. They walk into major areas, previous tables as well as desks loaded to proprietary as well as confidential information, or around cubicles where workers leave bags and costly technology. They are free to communicate with any of your staff. They have sole rights to restrooms, stairwells as well as other places that are out of sight.

You knew Bobby better than ten years ago. There he is the most reliable plumber that you have ever found, and you’re hoping they’ll never retire. Today, Bobby brought an assistant. You don’t know his assistant, but Bobby will never hire an unreliable person. If you thought more, you would learn which Bobby’s church is attended by the helper and hired at a request of the pastor because he needed any guidance or support. He’s 23 and has been in the county jail for four stints. A Pocket of thefts, narcotics…. such things.

visitor management

The man of the fire extinguisher is quite quiet, but also very diligent and effective. You have not yet noticed that only in customer service he will have an eye for the ladies, especially young, friendly pair. You’re confident that he’s been thoroughly vetted by the fire safety vendor, but the background check bargain misses that arrest for just a sexual offense his attorney pleaded to something like a lower charge.

If you looked at the vending machine man wheeled back to his truck throughout the empty cases, you would notice that they are not always empty. He hasn’t taken anything really worthwhile… well, not quite yet… but he thinks everything is right to help himself with things. What your workers assume have also been stolen, and it has been happening for years.

What are you going to do to safeguard yourself? First, find exactly what your vendors, as well as service providers, will do to ensure they deserve your belief from their staff. If your vetting process doesn’t make you totally comfortable, maybe it’s time to start your own process.


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